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Volunteer Opportunities in Jacksonville Fl

If you’re looking to make a difference in Jacksonville, Florida, there’s no shortage of volunteer opportunities to explore. Whether you’re passionate about helping the homeless, caring for animals, or advocating for social justice, there’s something for everyone. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at volunteer opportunities in Jacksonville Fl from a Catholic perspective.

From working with local charities to assisting with community outreach programs, discover how you can lend a hand and make a positive impact in your local community. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the rewarding world of volunteering in Jacksonville, FL.

Volunteer Opportunities in Jacksonville Fl

Looking to make a difference in Jacksonville, Florida? There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available in the area, ranging from nonprofit organizations to animal shelters, youth and education programs, medical and health organizations, environmental and conservation groups, homelessness and hunger initiatives, arts, and culture organizations, senior services and support, sports and recreation programs, and volunteer match websites. Let’s explore some of the options in more detail.

Nonprofit Organizations

If you’re passionate about supporting a wide range of causes, volunteering with nonprofit organizations is a great place to start. Here are a few notable organizations in Jacksonville, FL:

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a well-known nonprofit organization that provides disaster relief, support to military families, health and safety training, and blood donation services. As a volunteer, you can assist in disaster response, help with blood drives, provide administrative support, or serve on the board of directors.

Feeding Northeast Florida

Feeding Northeast Florida is a food bank that works to alleviate hunger and food insecurity in the community. Volunteers can help with sorting and packing food donations, distributing meals at mobile pantries, or assisting with administrative tasks.

Hubbard House

Hubbard House is a domestic violence shelter and advocacy center. They provide crisis intervention services, shelter, counseling, and outreach to domestic violence survivors and their families. Volunteers can support the organization by answering crisis hotline calls, organizing donation drives, or providing childcare services.

City Rescue Mission

City Rescue Mission is dedicated to providing shelter, food, and life-changing programs to the homeless population in Jacksonville. You can volunteer at their shelter, serve meals, mentor individuals on their journey to self-sufficiency, or assist with administrative tasks.

First Coast No More Homeless Pets

First Coast No More Homeless Pets is an organization committed to eliminating the killing of shelter animals in Northeast Florida. They offer low-cost veterinary services, spay/neuter programs, and adoption services. Volunteers can help with animal care, assist during adoption events, or participate in outreach campaigns.

Animal Shelters and Rescues

If your love for animals knows no bounds, consider volunteering at animal shelters and rescues in Jacksonville. Here are a few organizations to get involved with:

Jacksonville Humane Society

The Jacksonville Humane Society strives to improve the lives of animals through adoption, education, and outreach programs. Volunteers can help with animal care, assist in the adoption process, or participate in community events.

Pit Sisters

Pit Sisters is a rescue organization focused on the rehabilitation and rehoming of bully-breed dogs, particularly pit bulls. They offer training programs, foster opportunities, and adoption services. Volunteers can assist with dog rehabilitation, socialization, or administrative tasks.

Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida

If you have a soft spot for Labrador Retrievers, volunteering with the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida might be a perfect fit. This organization rescues and rehomes Labrador Retrievers in need. Volunteers can help with dog care, foster dogs, or assist with adoption events.

Animal Care and Protective Services

Animal Care and Protective Services is Jacksonville’s animal control agency, responsible for the well-being of stray and surrendered animals. Volunteers can support the organization by walking dogs, socializing cats, assisting with animal care, or helping with adoption events.

Volunteer Opportunities Jacksonville Fl

Youth and Education Programs

Making a positive impact on the lives of youth in Jacksonville is a rewarding experience. Here are some youth and education programs where you can lend a helping hand:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Florida

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a mentoring program that matches caring adult volunteers with at-risk youth. As a volunteer mentor, you can provide support, guidance, and friendship to a young person in need.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida offer after-school programs, mentorship, and educational opportunities to youth in the area. Volunteers can assist with homework help, lead activities, or share their skills and expertise with the children.

Take Stock in Children

Take Stock in Children is a scholarship and mentorship program that helps low-income students achieve academic success and pursue higher education. Volunteers can mentor students, assist with college preparation workshops, or help with fundraising activities.

Youth Crisis Center

The Youth Crisis Center provides emergency shelter, counseling, and prevention services for youth and families in crisis situations. Volunteers can support the organization by assisting with crisis hotlines, mentoring youth, or providing administrative support.

Medical and Health Organizations

For those interested in the medical field and helping others maintain their well-being, volunteering with medical and health organizations can be a gratifying experience. Here are a few options in Jacksonville:

St. Vincent’s HealthCare

St. Vincent’s HealthCare is a renowned healthcare system that offers a wide range of medical services. Volunteers can assist in various departments, provide companionship to patients, or participate in community health initiatives.

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville is a world-class medical institution known for its expertise and patient-centered care. Volunteers can contribute by assisting at information desks, providing transportation services for patients, or assisting with research studies.

Baptist Health

Baptist Health is another leading healthcare system in Jacksonville, committed to providing comprehensive medical care to the community. Volunteers can support the organization by assisting in patient care areas, providing comfort to patients and families, or helping with administrative tasks.

Jacksonville Free Clinic

The Jacksonville Free Clinic offers free medical and dental services to uninsured individuals in the community. Volunteers with medical or dental backgrounds can provide professional services, while others can assist with administrative tasks or patient support.

Environmental and Conservation Groups

If you’re passionate about preserving the environment and protecting natural resources, consider joining one of the following environmental and conservation groups in Jacksonville:

St. Johns Riverkeeper

Volunteer Opportunities Jacksonville Fl

St. Johns Riverkeeper is an advocacy organization focused on preserving and protecting the St. Johns River and its tributaries. Volunteers can participate in river cleanups, educational programs, advocacy efforts, or assist with administrative tasks.

Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve

The Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve encompasses over 46,000 acres of wetlands, forests, and waterways in Jacksonville. Volunteers can assist with trail maintenance, wildlife monitoring, educational programs, or provide visitor services.

Keep Jacksonville Beautiful

Keep Jacksonville Beautiful is a community-based organization dedicated to beautifying and improving the city’s environment. Volunteers can participate in litter cleanups, tree plantings, recycling initiatives, or educational programs.

Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens

The Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens is a nature preserve that showcases the diverse plant life of Northeast Florida. Volunteers can assist with maintaining the gardens, leading tours, or organizing special events.

Homelessness and Hunger Initiatives

If you want to help combat homelessness and hunger in Jacksonville, consider volunteering with organizations that focus on these critical issues:

Clara White Mission

Clara White Mission provides meals, shelter, job training, and healthcare services to homeless individuals in Jacksonville. Volunteers can help with meal preparation, serve meals, conduct workshops, or assist with fundraising events.

Sulzbacher Center

The Sulzbacher Center is a comprehensive resource center and shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness. Volunteers can assist with providing meals, facilitating job readiness programs, tutoring, or lending their professional skills.

Second Harvest North Florida

Second Harvest North Florida is a food bank that works to alleviate hunger in the community. Volunteers can help with sorting and packing food donations, distributing meals at partner agencies, or participating in community outreach events.

Sulzbacher Village

Sulzbacher Village provides affordable housing and support services to formerly homeless families. Volunteers can assist with childcare, tutoring, organizing donation drives, or providing administrative support.

Volunteer Opportunities Jacksonville Fl

Arts and Culture Organizations

For those who appreciate the arts and want to contribute to the cultural landscape of Jacksonville, there are several organizations where you can volunteer:

Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville

The Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville exhibits contemporary art and hosts educational programs. Volunteers can assist with gallery and event staffing, help with research and documentation, or assist in art education programs.

Jacksonville Symphony

The Jacksonville Symphony is a professional orchestra that performs a variety of classical and pops concerts. Volunteers can help with concert logistics, ushering, assisting in the gift shop, or supporting community outreach initiatives.

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens displays an impressive collection of artwork and features stunning gardens. Volunteers can provide visitor services, assist with organizing events and exhibitions, or help with educational programs.

Theatre Jacksonville

Theatre Jacksonville is the oldest continuously operating community theatre in Florida, offering a range of productions and educational opportunities. Volunteers can assist with set construction, costume design, front-of-house operations, or participate in theatrical productions.

Senior Services and Support

Volunteering with organizations that provide senior services and support can make a significant impact on the lives of older adults in Jacksonville. Consider these options:


ElderSource is an aging services organization that advocates for and provides support to seniors and their caregivers. Volunteers can assist with delivering meals, providing companionship, leading recreational activities, or offering administrative support.

Aging True

Aging True provides a range of services to help seniors live independently in their homes, including meal programs, home health services, and caregiver support. Volunteers can assist with meal delivery, offer respite care, or help with administrative tasks.

Community Hospice & Palliative Care

Community Hospice & Palliative Care offers compassionate end-of-life care to individuals and their families. Volunteers can provide emotional support to patients, assist with administrative tasks, or participate in fundraising events.

Successful Aging Expo

The Successful Aging Expo is an annual event that brings together resources, services, and information for seniors in Jacksonville. Volunteers can help with event planning, booth setup, visitor assistance, or guest speaking.

Sports and Recreation Programs

For those who love sports and want to promote physical activity and inclusivity, consider volunteering with sports and recreation programs in Jacksonville:

Special Olympics Florida – Duval County

Special Olympics Florida provides athletic opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Volunteers can assist with coaching, event organization, fundraising, or offer support during competitions.

First Tee of North Florida

First Tee of North Florida is a youth development organization that uses golf to teach life skills and core values. Volunteers can assist with golf instruction, mentorship, or help with administrative tasks.

Youth Soccer Programs

Youth soccer programs in Jacksonville offer opportunities for children and teens to learn and enjoy the sport. Volunteers can coach teams, assist with practice sessions, organize tournaments, or provide logistical support.

Adaptive Sports at Brooks Rehabilitation

Adaptive Sports at Brooks Rehabilitation provides sports and recreational opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities. Volunteers can assist with adaptive equipment, coaching, event organization, or offer support during competitions.

Volunteer Match Websites

If you’re looking for a wide range of volunteer opportunities and want to explore various organizations and causes, volunteer match websites can be a valuable resource. Consider checking out the following websites:

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Volunteer Match

Volunteer Match is an online platform that connects volunteers with nonprofit organizations based on their interests and availability. You can search for opportunities in your local area, including Jacksonville, FL, and find the perfect match for your skills and passions.

HandsOn Jacksonville

HandsOn Jacksonville is a local volunteer center that offers a variety of volunteer opportunities in Jacksonville FL. From one-time events to ongoing commitments, you can discover meaningful ways to give back and make a difference.

United Way of Northeast Florida

The United Way of Northeast Florida connects individuals and families to volunteer opportunities that address critical community needs. By volunteering through their platform, you can join the fight against poverty, improve education, promote financial stability, and support health and wellness initiatives.

Points of Light

Points of Light is an international nonprofit organization that mobilizes individuals and organizations to solve pressing social issues through volunteerism. Their website provides resources and a volunteer search function to help you find opportunities in your local area, including Jacksonville, FL.

In conclusion, Jacksonville, FL, offers a plethora of volunteer opportunities across various sectors. Whether you’re passionate about serving others, making a difference in the community, or pursuing your interests, there are organizations and causes waiting for your valuable contributions. Take the first step, explore the options, and embark on a rewarding volunteer journey in Jacksonville.

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